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About Edushakers

Let's shake up education!


Our story

Edushakers is a small but experienced Leuven-based non-profit organisation that supports stakeholders in youth, primary, secondary and adult education: youngsters, pupils, students, parents, teachers, counsellors, school leaders, policy makers, etc. in their search for frameworks and tools for quality improvement, entrepreneurship and professionalisation.


Edushakers have a solid background in general, technical and vocational education, non-formal learning and numerous business fields. Their backbone has been built during 15 years of international (Erasmus) projects in more than 20 schools across Europe and Asia. Since 2020, Edushakers have also gained experience in higher education projects and board management in secondary education.​

Edushakers focus on ICT-driven didactics, with a strong emphasis on blended and hybrid teaching and learning, executive functions and key competencies. Thanks to the involvement in various Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 projects, a close collaboration with two teams of young, promising programmers has been established.

Another asset is the entrepreneurial network of Edushakers and focus on young entrepreneurship under the motto 'trade and learn'. Edushakers offer courses and workshops according to the principle of 'tinkering': always up for a crazy idea: search, research, connect, try, adapt and try again.

With their expertise in cross-curricular education, the assessment of key competencies and innovative school organisation, Edushakers provide answers to everyday school challenges: monitor and assess the growth of students' skills, organise quality cross-curricular, blended and hybrid learning, train students executive functions etc.


Edushakers also have experience in setting up innovative schools from scratch, based on student autonomy, involvement and competences.

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