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Paul Peeters

His story

Paul has a master's degree in mathematical sciences with tons of experience as a teacher. In his long teaching career, he taught mathematics and computer science in various computer science departments. Paul's lessons were characterised by their project-based interpretation. In this way, he brought hundreds of pupils in authentic situations to deep learning through intrinsic motivation, their accumulated knowledge and autonomy. For decades, Paul was also the internship coordinator for domestic and foreign IT internships.


Besides the link Paul made between education and business, he also built up his own IT career. Even today, he develops data models and functional analyses for numerous projects in IT companies and manages various teams of programmers.


Although Paul is now officially a retired teacher, he still keeps his business activities running. He set up 'Masters Inform' in Belgium and 'HMMS Ltd' in the UK. Today, he also runs the company called 'Peeters ACR'.

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