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Manuela López Ramírez

Her story

Manuela, recently retired, was an English teacher for over 35 years having teaching experience in primary, secondary and vocational school, as well as at the university. In her long career, she has experimented with different teaching approaches and dynamics, especially CLIL, online education and flipped classroom. She has always tried to engage students in their learning process instilling in them motivation to learn and promoting deep learning and student’s autonomy. Manuela has always assisted students to reach their academic, professional and personal benchmarks and goals. She has consistently used online learning platforms (especially Moodle and Schoology), online tools and gaming in her lessons.


Manuela developed a great interest and coordinated/participated in different school projects, such as the European Portfolio of Languages and school exchanges with various countries, such as USA, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark. She has participated and has been the school coordinator of Erasmus projects, for example Strip-to-Identity and Future Skills, for a long time.


Manuela holds a M.A. degree and a PhD in English Literature from the University of Valencia. Her main research centers on literature of the United States and Canada. She has specialized in Toni Morrison’s novels, as well as in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s and Margaret Atwood’s oeuvre. She has published numerous articles on these authors, particularly on the themes of trauma, storytelling and the Gothic.


Manuela spends her free time oil painting, practicing yoga and writing literary papers on the previously mentioned writers. She also loves walking and traveling. She has two cats and a dog.


Language skills: Spanish, English and Catalan.

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