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Erasmus+ KA1

Work experience mediation and job shadowing activities


Edushakers provides mediation services for internships and traineeships, both in Belgium and abroad. Through our network, we look for suitable internships for pupils and students. We have particular expertise in the fields of IT and office management.

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° January | Job shadowing [ Agrupamento Escolas Irmãos Passos

irmaos passos video part 1
irmaos passos video part 2
irmaos passos video part 3
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Why do an Erasmus+ KA1 work placement with Edushakers?


Edushakers organise work placement programmes for all kinds of student profiles: ICT and programming, social and biomedical sciences etc. We expect students to have a fair amount of self-monitoring and entrepreneurial skills. This way, students will fully grasp the opportunities offered by Edushakers to mingle with the locals, to learn the necessary tools and enter the labour market as well as to manage their daily life and studies.


For their whole stay in Belgium, students stay at comfortable, fully-furnished (and equipped for self-catering) and conveniently located apartments. Edushakers also offer organisational help to plan cultural visits, sports and tourist activities.


An Edushaker work placement, apprenticeship or on the job training is an experience never to forget, as our trainees say:


Alejandro: “Going abroad is often described as a life changer and that’s exactly what I have experienced. Not only do you stay far from home but you should also be responsible for yourself: what to eat, where to go and where to (not) go at certain hours, take care of your place and those things your parents usually do for you. For me this has also been a challenge for myself and my brain. At school I have never done anything like this. I went back home with quite a few problem solving skills. Being with other people and from one day to another not having anyone to rely on other than yourself is hard. However, after a while, you start knowing that other people are the same as you and start to feel more comfortable. This has been a really good experience to find out what life is all about.”


Gabriela: “Life in the city of Leuven is full of possibilities, don't let them slip through your fingers.”


Michael: “This apprenticeship has been a great learning experience together with great people!”

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