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Hans Verhoeven

His story

Hans has a university degree in economics and political sciences at KU Leuven. He is CEO of iVox Belgium, an interactive market research agency that helps companies and organisations to gain better insights based on reliable data and to create impact with interactive tools and creative projects. In addition, Hans is also co-founder of Ragnarok Start, an inspiring co-working place in the Leuven canal area, the creative hotspot for entrepreneurs with a mission. He is also the driving force behind Villa Castella in the south of France near Toulouse, the ideal base for reflection and growth as a person and an entrepreneur.

'Let's go and grab a coffee', he says (for him, however, an orange lemonade because caffeine on top of ADHD is not a good idea)! Hans is always searching, inquiring, connecting, experimenting a lot and always up for a crazy idea. He then turns it into something that isn't that crazy after all. He always puts an emphasis on scalability and on people's driving force, because according to Hans, world dominance is important: a world dominated by people who admit they often just don't know, but start doing something anyway, eventually to come up with a great result.


These creative minds mainly think, as is often attributed to Pippi Longstocking: “I've never done this before, so I think I can do it!” The basic idea behind it is: before you know whether you can do something or not, you have to do it. Where people tend to think they can't do something as they've never done it, Pippi assumes we don't know if we can until we try.

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