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Sonia Parent

Her story

Sonia is an education innovator pur sang. She has long outgrown classical education. For her, the curiosity and the will to learn of students is self-evident, but she does not lose sight of the well-being of the students. Yoga at school? Should be possible!

Every child has a place is her motto and education focused on differentiation is a necessity. But a lot has to change for teachers too. The well-being of teachers still appears to be a totally missing item in the education plans. She is also a big believer in learning communities and a school assignment, the ultimate result being a workday where the teacher can quietly go home to focus on the family.


As an innovator, Sonia was chosen as one of the 10 educational innovators by Schoolmakers in 2020 and started her own school in September 2021, which she had to close due to circumstances. But not without enjoying the growth and fun of the children. No boundaries, no walls, the general and the vocational flow together.


Today she is back as a French-Spanish teacher in the second and third grades of secondary, in a "traditional" school where she integrates her ideas in the classroom with contemporary topics. The big dream is to give all children the opportunity and not to put children in cupboards where they do not belong.

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