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Serge Van der Taelen

His story

Serge has entered education through a side entrance, after a 20-year professional career in IT. He used to work as an IT professional in several Belgian and international IT companies. In those years, Serge climbed the ladder from IT support engineer to IT manager. Several of his jobs took him to all corners of the world. The African continent still has his preference. 


Since 2012, Serge has worked in various Flemish schools as a prevention and safety adviser and IT teacher. The past two years, STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) subjects have also been added to his teaching curriculum.


Serge is not a typical teacher, in the classic sense of the word. Of course, he thinks knowledge transfer is important, but he is convinced his role as a learning coach is equally important. He puts the 'learning power' into the hands of his students. Serge guides and coaches his pupils to prepare them for the (digital) society. Through Edushakers, Serge likes to support the students' self-management and therefore takes on an investigative and evidence-informed approach. 


In recent years, Serge has also been involved in the setup of a number of innovative Flemish school projects, for which he has fully applied his expertise in the field of safety, prevention, IT and coaching.


He is able to relax in his vegetable garden and by making (long) nature walks all over the world.


Language skills: Dutch, French and English.

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